Bazlama – Turkish Muffin or Pancake

Bazlama - Turkish Muffin or Pancake


Bazlama is a kind of Turkish bread which looks like a thin disk. It can be used as a pancake or muffin. It can be stored for 2-3 days on room temperature, and a week on a refrigerator. If it loses its freshness, the fungus produced will cause a bad smell and greenish residues on bazlama.

The taste of bazlama is most joy when it is consumed freshly since it encapsulates hot air making it favorable for softness, i.e. chewing. However, when heat goes off, it becomes a bit tough to be chewed. Therefore, you have to heat it on a closed-pan under low heat, for 5-10 minutes. You can also heat it on an owen; yet, you should heat it with a greased-paper to avoid its stick-up.

So, here are some tips for what you can do with bazlama;

    • You can spread butter, and fruit cyrups to make yourself a delightful pancake.


    • You can slice it, then put various ingredients to make a french toast under toaster.


  • You can even prepare various kind of pizza in over. Be aware that you should use a greased paper if you are gonna use a owen.

How you can make a bazlama:

    1. Mix milk (2 glass), water (1 glass). Then abrade (This is vital) wet, beer ferment (yeast) and add to this mixture. Stir for some time. Milk and glass should be at room temperature, not frozen.


    1. Add 5 glasses of wheat flour and one little spoon of salt after mixing.


    1. Now, knead this thick suspension for 10 minutes. Kneading should be done to ensure a homogeneous distribution and air entrapment within suspension. You can turn the suspension upside down several times to achieve these. You should finally achieve a plastic, soft paste; yet not sticky.


    1. Cover the whole paste with wet cloth (or dry sera-stretch) for 1 hour. After 1 hour, the volume of the paste should be two times larger than the initial paste.


    1. Put the paste on a flour-spreaded table. Take a fistful portions of this paste, and roll them separately on this table. Then, put a little flour on table again; compress the rolled paste onto table to make disks.


  1. Heat for approx. 5 -7 mins till the disks become like a swelled sponge. You should remember to flip bazlama several times during heating.


Bazlama - Turkish Muffin or Pancake


Bazlama - Turkish Muffin or Pancake


Bazlama - Turkish Muffin or Pancake

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