Ein Berliner Travel Article

Today, we are gonna give some humble tips about Berlin, mostly East Berlin, from our experiences.

First of all, for all unintentional mistakes, I’m sorry (anschuldigung).

Berlin, the capitol of Germany (or Deutschland in German), locates at the north-eastern part of Germany.

Ein Berliner

The main symbol of the city,  common to all famous cities, is wild bear.

It is surrounded by historical gates called “Tor”. You can approximately generate your position based on Tors.

The most famous one of these is Brandenburger Tor like Taksim Statue in Istanbul.

Berlin is divided into two: East Berlin and West Berlin.

This division originally came from Berlin Wall constructed by SSCB during Cold War period between 1950s and 1980s.

East Berlin (probably called Mitte in German) mostly contains Turkish districts where you can eat cheap and delicious “halal” doner.

Also, these districts are famous for shopping and entertainment life because of its inherent cheapness.

A popular example is the ones near Cottsburger Tor. Still, the districts are a little bit messy in terms of appearance and infrastructure.

Checkpoint Charlie is the historical remnant of a military checkstation of former Berlin Wall.

Ein Berliner

East Berlin contains districts containing the letter “w” because these were originally named by SSCB.

The large TV antenna (Fehrstrum in Deutsch) made by SSCB were located in Mitte.

Remnants of the Berlin Wall were painted by Graffitis.

Ein Berliner

Central Berlin has a huge botanic park named Tiergarten in Central Berlin.

There is a spider-legged network of subway covering whole Berlin station. They are named U-bahn and S-bahn.

You can take daily or monthly ticket to use all public transportation in Berlin.

The main train station is called “Hauptbahnhof”.

The German police (or Politzei) does not smile.

Try different kinds of cheese, bread and chocolate of German.

West Berlin is the place for rich, or in informal language called hipsters.

“Rathaus” is the common name for town centers.

There are bike ways everywhere. If you are a walker, do not walk at bike ways. Otherwise, politzei won’t smile at you.

All shopping stores close nearly at 5-6 pm. So, if you need some snack, drink or cigarette, try gas stations.

Berlin has a lot of museums containing themes such as history,  Holocaust and Cold War.

That’s all for right now. If you want to learn more, you may ask me via here.

Until then,

See you later, Auf Wiedersehn.


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