Spam Literature – Poems

Below you can find a variety of poems edited from sentences by using random text generator. This kind of novel writing is called spam literature. Although it is purely unscientific, it is claimed to affect the perception and expression of the feelings of the digital generations. Because you know what, nothing is random: The words, the feelings they are all common. That’s why a poet can be the one combining the random.

One advanced diverted domestic sex,
bringing you old.
Companions had shy solicitude
favourable to own.

Wooded ladies age
My coming lasted uneasy
No described dejection,
no listening of his parish boy.

Pleasure is prepared likewise debating
Do ye wonder better stairs
Tall knew her poor,
Oh boy assure spirit lovers.
His only boy meet the fat rose when
Kindness betray her for
Subjects to ecstatic children


Death there, the noisy merit
Shy spring, six though mutual living
Fulfilled direction set him continued
Still we round match to
Plenty season beyond by

His exquisite sincerity added shameless
Ten earnestly breakfast
Scale began quiet,
Sportsmen forfeited.

New happen unable, uneasy.
Side in so life past
Deal new ham melancholy.
Do compass brought winding
Cease any meant, the decay
Oppose simple income,
few joy cousin but twenty.
Add past see west.

High eyes kept so busy,
securing appetite
You two fat downs,
remain lively hardly.

Surprise, wandered landlord.
Do praise garden
Points end but law lasted
Enough around

Remember kindness he confined,
Ladies, others, desire the six age
As eldest excuse no moment,
Be than dull,
Six against the two,
Nothing prudent colonel.


Mind what by kept.
Parish horses she design.
Age wishing
Figure it on.

Be talked,
ye though secure nearer.
Ask too matter,
meet any.
Say young,
expect horses.

Limits expect wonder.

Add him,
play few.
And sir dare view
Connection stimulated excellence
Yet timed songs defer men

Placing assured
water wrote woman of heart.
why rose quit cold park
Speak now
Noise off
Advice branch vanity
or do thirty living


Excellent discovery questions the gentleman
Chapter matters if mention is thought.
Ladies wisdom theirs
Men set months.
Months desire warmth
Dissimilar compliment cultivated preference
Assistance set insipidity
Listening shameless pronounce affection.
Oh draw in,
draw much bred

Get ten horrible, but
please two strangers.


Rose wishes lady half
Unknown sing attacks chicken
Provided but unpacked
Adieus hunted !

Feelings laughing,
wondered, repeated
provided, finished.
Life held calm,
but truth went after maids.

Oh melancholy !
Sympathize astonished
Sense the shy tears of China.
So narrow my longer afford
Face fine calm, face now !


Sorry joyful balls,
we are surrounded by admiration
Son sure paid in friendship,
in believing or sweetness,
we forfeited.

She thinks the jokes are not stuffed.
Horrible goodness, peculiar families,
say most,
just say easy.

The widow downs folly words,
at every age of seven.
Imagine gravity rising,
to many.

Four facts in he failed.
Procuring education,
unwilling departure,
and extended kindness.


In a West end town a dead end world
The East end boys and West end girls

Two indeed suffer,
as Edward settles the limits.


Do sigh upon laughter
Although mistaken kindness does me feelings,
No father sentiments uncommonly own.

Terminated principles,
Sentiments of pianoforte,
Contrasted literature,
Oh imprudence, the collected partiality.
Moonlight extremity,  whole every sky miles.
The insisted pleasure, rejoiced exercise.

In eldest you must be with.
Or as you know,
The satisfied widow.


Weeks are quiet, motionless.
Days lose and age out.
Material confines, and matter engages
Shameless September ends

Mornings request fortune
Way now instrument and eat melancholy.
Remember why she was confined.
And don’t cry
don’t even spam,
Me colonel.


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